Friday, May 30, 2014

Advice in Removing Butterscotch Pudding Stains on the Carpet

Carpet stains are really annoying to face if you are a carpet owner. Just ask any homeowner and they will surely tell you that cleaning up stains and spots on the carpet is one of the last things that they want to do around the house. Cleaning stains is very tough and will take up a lot of your time but unfortunately it is something that you should do to keep your carpet looking clean and beautiful.

Butterscotch pudding is one of the things that you never want to see on your carpet. This is because it will cause a very problematic stain that will be tough to eliminate. Knowing how to deal with this type of predicament is really important so to help you out below is a helpful guide that you can follow.

• The first step is clearing up the spilled pudding on your carpet. You can do this by using a clean spoon or blunt knife and then carefully scraping the spilled pudding. Do this carefully though as you don't want the pudding to get spread on your carpet fibers.

• The next step is to use a cleaning agent in order to break down the stain left behind by the spilled butterscotch pudding. You can make your own cleaning solution by using some of the household items that you can find in your home. A mixture of one part white vinegar and four parts warm water is an example of a simple yet inexpensive cleaning solution that you can make.

• Use some of the cleaning solution you have made on the stained portion that is found on your carpet. Let it set there for about five minutes before getting a clean paper towel and starting to blot the affected area.

• Repeat the previous step in this guide in order to really be able to get break down the ugly stain on your carpet. Do this until you have completely eliminated the pudding stain. This will not happen as quickly as you may imagine so it is vital that you stay patient until you are able to succeed in restoring the cleanliness of your carpet at home.

• For the last step in the guide, get a cup of clean water and use it to rinse the area you have just cleaned. This is going to help get rid of any unwanted residue that could remain on your carpet fibers. Just dry off the area with some clean towels and you are done.

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